Flyer for the Feminist Archive, 1984. WFTVN Collection, Feminist Archive North.

The lively Q&A at FAFF’s Feminist Film Screening – feminist filmmakers reflect on their history and relationship with their archive.

FAFF’s Feminist Film Screening at Hyde Park Picture House on 19 May 2015 attracts a great audience!

As part of the Archiving Women in Film & TV project, we filmed interviews with feminist filmmakers, who reflected on the history of their archives.

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Feminist Archives, Feminist Futures (FAFF) 
is an international, collaborative project based at the University of Leeds, which looks at the gendered histories of archives and their relationship to history making and feminist activism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In particular, it is interested in the histories of Women’s Libraries and Feminist Archives, and their role in shaping women’s lives both in the past and in the future.

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