Archiving Women in Film & TV Workshop – 14 May 2015

Archiving Women in Film and Television: Workshop Programme

Hosted by Feminist Archive North, this afternoon workshop is supported by the Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange, University of Leeds; Leeds Animation Workshop; and Vera Media.

It will include a presentation from the archives of the national Women’s Film, Television and Video Network and independent feminist filmmaking collectives Leeds Animation Workshop and Vera Media; speakers from Feminist Archive North and the University for the Creative Arts share their experience of housing film and TV archives; feminist filmmakers reflect upon the history of their own archives; and academics showcase their projects on creating new archives to examine the history of women in film and TV. Collectively, the workshop aims to open up new questions about the production of knowledge and feminist historiography, and the role of archives in this process.

Date: Thursday 14 May 2015, 13:00-17:30

Venue: Brotherton Room, Special Collections, University of Leeds


Introduction: Why the History of Women’s Archives Matters

Kate Dossett (University of Leeds) & Jalna Hanmer (Feminist Archive North)

Presentation from the Archives of Leeds Animation Workshop, Vera Media and the Women’s Film, Television and Video Network

Gina Denton (University of Leeds)

14:00-15:00: History of the Archives I: Leeds Animation Workshop

Terry Wragg (Leeds Animation Workshop) & Rebekah Taylor (Animation Collection, University for the Creative Arts) 

 COFFEE BREAK 15:00-15:30

15:30-16:30: History of the Archives II: Vera Media

Al Garthwaite & Catherine Mitchell (Vera Media)

16:30-17:30: Creating Archives, Creating Histories: Questions of Evidence, Knowledge and Power

Melanie Bell (Newcastle University) & Vicky Ball (De Montfort University)

The event is free to attend, but space is limited by the capacity of the Brotherton room. Please register in advance by emailing

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