Feminist Filmmaking returns to Hyde Park Picture House! – 18 May 2016

Feminist Filmmaking: Activism and Archives

Date: Wednesday 18 May 2016, 6pm – 9pm

Venue: Hyde Park Picture House

Tickets: £5 full, £4 concessions – tickets can be purchased in advance here

Building on last year’s highly successful screening, Feminist Filmmaking: 40 Years of Activism, we are back with another event showcasing the work of feminist filmmakers with a particular focus on the use of film as a tool for activism and a method of feminist history making.

This time we will be screening the brilliant 1983 documentary CARRY GREENHAM HOME, about Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, set up in 1981 to protest against the Government’s decision to allow cruise missiles to be based in Berkshire. Director Beeban Kidron lived in the camp for seven months while producing the film, which highlights the often ignored role of women within the peace movement. At a time when mainstream media coverage was dominated by men, she reclaimed the narrative, showing the complex discussions being held inside the camp, as women developed their own bold form of direct action.

Alongside this will be three short films by local feminist organisations Leeds Animation Workshop and Vera Media. Their contributions to a range of campaigns – against racism and imperialism, for peace, for lesbian and gay rights – reflect the activism of the 1980s at the international, national and local level. 

The screening includes a Q&A with the filmmakers from Vera Media and Leeds Animation Workshop and a discussion about the relationship between filmmaking and feminist activism, then and now.

Sponsored by the Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange, University of Leeds; Feminist Archive NorthLeeds Animation Workshop; and Vera Media.



Crops and Robbers (Leeds Animation Workshop, 1986, 15mins)

Video 28 (Vera Media, 1988, 22mins)


Pretend You’ll Survive (Leeds Animation Workshop, 1981, 9mins)

Carry Greenham Home (Beeban Kidron, 1983, 69mins)



This special screening is part of Feminist Archives, Feminist Futures (FAFF), a collaborative project based at the University of Leeds and Leeds College of Art, which looks at the histories of Feminist Archives and Women’s Libraries: their relationship to history making and their role in shaping contemporary feminist activism.

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